Agreste, rosemary and mint home fragrance

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Agreste, rosemary and mint home fragrance

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Design: R&D Blueside

Steam distillation
250ml bottle

Home fragrances, 100% natural and essential-oil based.
The essential oil is the soul of the plant. Once its perfume has reached your nostrils, give it five seconds to act… you will sense a feeling of well-being, which means you have grasped its essence!

To be used with Desiderio spray diffusers

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AGRESTE gives energy and reawakens the mind  

home fragrance "I NATURALI"

Rosmarino officinalis Oil extracted from flowering tops with a fresh, exalting, balsamic fragrance, it increases spiritual strength, gives clarity of thought, strengthens the memory and concentration, and helps discern between feeling and rational thought.

Planet sign: Sun

Heart note  

Mentha piperita The essential oil is extracted from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant, and has a strong, fresh, penetrating aroma. When diffused it gives clarity to the mind, aids concentration, strengthens the memory, and helps to take a reasonable approach. It is an excellent analgesic for headaches.

Planet sign: Jupiter, Mercury

Head note