Bice, design glass teapot

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Bice, design glass teapot

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Design:  R&D Blueside


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Bice, transparent blow of elegance

Bice is an innovative teapot without handle that perfectly reproduces the style and use of our famous Tazzezen. Its dual chamber prevents risk of burning with hot beverages and at the same time the beverage stays hot longer. The glass transparency allows to interact with the drink also in terms of colour shades. Combined with our Tazzazen on a tray made ​​of Corian Dupont, Bice is a fine way to have a good cup of tea or herb tea.

Material: teapot 3.3 borosilicate glass
stopper: DuPont Corian white design

Dimensions dxh: 75x175mm

Suggested song: Keith Jarrett's  Somewhere everywhere