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Caroto, home fragrance

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Caroto, home fragrance

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Design: Francesco Paretti

500ml bottle

Nose: Silvia Babucci

home fragrance

A unique line of artistic home fragrances designed by expert “Noses” from the Blueside R&D team, and formulated by prestigious perfume makers from Grasse, in France. Designed to give your sense of smell and memory some unforgettable tips!

Their pleasantness and persistence make them particularly suitable for air fresheners with rattan sticks.

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Playful, amusing, genuine, like playing in the kitchen with flours and eggs, bright, exciting.

The perfume of freshly-picked carrots, where you can still smell the scent of the earth, plus vanilla of from the Caribbean and iris butter. Caroto, through the warmth of sugar, gives itself a boost through vanilla pods, the strength of iris, embraced by the harmonious enchantment established between bitter almonds and sweet orange.

It’s like preparing a dessert; Caroto allows you to retrace the pleasures of the palate and the consistency of an excellent list of ingredients. With a gourmand matrix, without overdoing it, a persistent scent as if it were ‘just out of the oven’, energetic and earthy like the raw material after which this fragrance is named.

Lo sapevi che...

...  le fragranze in natura sono appena 200 mentre gli aromi a base sintetica attualmente identificati sono più di 2000? Possiamo ricreare la profumazione di un ricordo, di un'idea e di una sensazione.

Ecco perchè sono nate le fragranze Astratte. Caroto in particolare è nato dal ricordo della cucina della nonna impregnata dal profumo di un dolce alle carote appena sfornato.