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Cino, vaso basso in vetro reversibile

• LIVING ROOM DECOR • Flower vases

Cino, vaso basso in vetro reversibile

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Design: Sara Guasticchi

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Cino is a borosilicate glass vase suitable for small compositions of short stem flowers. Its central hole allows for even field flowers arrangements, which are not always easy in ordinary vase shapes. Being low and flat makes it also a "delicate" floral centerpiece.  

Unique for its reversibility - in the absence of water and fresh flowers just turn Cino upside down and it will hold green stabilized lichens, a really unexpected touch of green.

Design: Sara Guasticchi

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass

green stabilized lichens

Dimensions dxh: 150x68 mm

Suggested song: Stefano Bollani trio, Beccuccia di rosa