Euforia, litsea and mint

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Euforia, litsea and mint

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Design: R&D Blueside

Steam distillation
250ml bottle

Home fragrances, 100% natural and essential-oil based.
The essential oil is the soul of the plant. Once its perfume has reached your nostrils, give it five seconds to act… you will sense a feeling of well-being, which means you have grasped its essence!

To be used with Desiderio spray diffusers

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EUFORIA fresh energy and good spirits  

home fragrance "I NATURALI"

Mentha piperita The essential oil is extracted from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant, and has a strong, fresh, penetrating aroma. When diffused it gives clarity to the mind, aids concentration, strengthens the memory, and helps to take a reasonable approach. It is an excellent analgesic for headaches.

Planet sign: Jupiter, Mercury

Head note  

Litsea cubeba This essential oil, with its gentle citrus fragrance, is extracted from the small berries of the plant that grows in the Far East. Fresh and persistent, Litsea clarifies thoughts, reawakens the desire to live, dissolves inner conflict, promotes happiness.

Planet sign: Sun, Venus

Head note