Gennaro, spherical glass serving dish

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Gennaro, spherical glass serving dish

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Design:  R&D Blueside


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Gennaro, masterpieces in suspension

Created by Chef Gennaro Esposito

Amazing borosilicate glass ball with little caves where you can place fancy pastry or small finger food appetizers. The delicacies embedded in the transparent glass seem to be suspended in the air thus delivering a colourful contrast to the dishes.

Gennaro comes in four versions:
Gennaro 60: 60 caves version for an amazing party
Gennaro 32: 32 caves version to be used as centerpiece for 4 people or for serving appetizers in finger food style
Gennaro 9: 9 caves version for 1/2 people
Gennaro 4: 4 caves version for 1 people

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass

Dimensions dxh:
Gennaro 60: 490x423mm
Gennaro 32: 320x280mm
Gennaro 9: 125x145mm
Gennaro 4: 169x145mm

Suggested song: Gianmaria Testa's Seminatori di grano