Gumbo, Claretta, Ruth, maracas in glass

• GLASS SOUND • Percussion instruments

Gumbo, Claretta, Ruth, maracas in glass

64,00 - 77,00(VAT Included)

Design: R&D Blueside


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Gumbo, Claretta, Ruth, the primordial sound of glass

These wonderful professional instruments produce magical, primordial, unique sounds.
The tune of glass in percussions like maracas offers a new sound, arousing strong emotions to a sensory level. Thanks to their uniqueness, Gumbo Claretta and Ruth also become original decor.

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass

Gumbo, big maracas with handle105x280mm
Claretta, small maracas with handle 105x140mm
Ruth, maracas without handle 63x190mm

Suggested song: Carlos Santana's  Black magic woman / Blues for Salvador