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Kérasos, sour cherry scented candle

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Kérasos, sour cherry scented candle

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Design: Francesco Paretti

Nose: Silvia Babucci

Scented candles made of a mix of natural wax, pure cotton wick, vase in borosilicate glass.

The lid should never be used to extinguish the candle, but only to keep external agents from the wax.  

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No words can describe the dramatic, languid sensation I felt the evening before as a spectator of Miyako Odori, the cherry blossom dance, when the mysterious Geiko, my imaginary companion, graceful yet beyond reach, languorously let fall her ceremonial dress.

A streaked, lithe cloud hit my nostrils as though I were breathing the very essence of those movements, an olfactory memory, a sour cherry ice lolly? No. What was it then? A liqueur? Raising my eyes, I discovered a splendid, majestic, flowering cherry tree, gracefully playing the part.

A symbol of perfect equilibrium, a round, sensual note. Kèrasos, a perfect blend of conviviality and transgression: cadenced by fruity and liquorous memories dressed with spices.  

Kèrasos, Agricanto The Japanese symbol of prosperity, Kèrasos is a precious juice rich in minerals and salts that enhance  depurative properties.

It smells sour cherry, but it is not only a fruity scent , it is also a blend of sugar, almonds, wild herbs and spices. A perfect balance of sensual, long-lasting and soft scents where conviviality and transgression get along and smell fruity and liquorous memories flavoured with spices.

A note of tasty round and fleshy sour cherry, yet sourish and not sweet due to a mix of herbs, spices and almonds that gives the fragrance a spicy tonality. It’s all about a perfect blend of fruity and spicy fragrance that makes Kèrasos as complex and intense as a vintage red glass.