Mina, scent explosion

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Mina, scent explosion

178,00 - 211,00(VAT Included)

Design: Ivo Caruso, Alessandro D’Angeli, Chiara Pacifici


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Fabulous air freshner. This sphere of borosilicate glass with various openings recalls a bombshell. The plugs are closed with cork stoppers and are used both to pour the fragrance into the sphere and to scent the air by simply opening them. Mina is available in two sizes, depending on room size. Of course, Mina can serve other purposes like many Blueside products. We suggest using it as a flowerpot for dry and fresh flowers.

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass

Mina Lounge d190mm 
Mina Room d170mm

Suggested song: Dream Theatre, The spirit carries on