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Modigliani, wine glass

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Modigliani, wine glass

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Design: Francesco Paretti


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Modigliani, the elevation of wine

An elegant handmade stemware for red and white wines in borosilicate glass.
The stem, which is about one third longer than usual, makes this a natural pedestal for sipping those delicious nectars that deserve special attention; in addition other innovative details combine the typical roundness of the wine glass with more severe lines, making Modigliani superior stemware.

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass 

MODIGLIANI RED dxh  92 x320 mm
MODIGLIANI WHITE dxh  81 x260 mm

Suggested song: Cristina Polegri, Meglio di così; Sergio Cammeriere, L'amore non si spiega