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Olivia, olive oil glass dispenser

• DINING • Extra virgin oil tasting

Olivia, olive oil glass dispenser

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Design: Simone Micheli

Le nasse e l'olio by Simone Micheli
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An innovative, extremely functional glass oil dispenser of extraordinary beauty. Ideal for tasting and drizzling just the right amount of extra virgin olive oil on dishes. From the conical opening you can appreciate the fragrant aromatic nuances and taste the bitter and spicy notes of this excellent condiment. Olivia is a must for every home and every restaurant that aim to enhance Italy’s “green gold”. An ideal dispenser for fine restaurants that present an olive oil list intended to offer a high quality selection.

Olivia is available in two versions: Home, the larger, and Taste, the smaller, suitable for holding no more than 20 ml of extra virgin olive oil, which should be warmed before being tasted by holding Olivia briefly in the palm of your hand.   

Dimensions dxh:

Home 88x219mm, 200ml capacity

Taste dxh 50x150mm, 20 ml capacity

Oil tasting plate diam. 20/22 cm (optional)


3.3 borosilicate glass

Black stoneware flat plate with white glaze inside

Suggested song: Norah Jones, Turn me on

Did you know...

...for a perfect oil tasting with Olivia Taste we recommend you to serve your oil at a temperature of 28 ° C by heating it in the palm of your hand. Slightly rotate the precious content inside in order to enhance all the scents contained in it.