Oscar, Samovar glass tea maker

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Oscar, Samovar glass tea maker

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Design: Francesco Paretti


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Oscar, Emotional Glass Samovar

"You drink tea to forget the noise of the world" by T'ien Yiheng.

Tea lovers do enjoy every little moment life offers. 
Around the world, tea is not only a precious drink full of beneficial principles, it is also lifestyle and closely connected to the culture of country of origin.
Oscar, the designer glass samovar meets all the aesthetic and sensory needs of those who want to best prepare a relaxing cup of tea.
Borosilicate glass transparency allows to observe the cleanliness inside and the double glass wall acts as a thermal insulator.
Oscar samovar can also be used as a piece of beautiful furniture in the living room, spa relax rooms, lounge bars or even in work coffee break areas.

3.3 borosilicate glass
stainless steel

Oscar cpacity: 5 lt
Heating: 1400 watts
Bea teapot capacity:  1.1 lt

Base: dxh 240x190mm
Glass samovar: 250x407mm

Suggested song: Bill Evans, I loves you Porgy