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Blueside is...

...preciousness, purity, transparency, beauty,
harmony, essentiality, style, emotion, 
multipurpose, uniqueness, multisensory, atmosphere, 
meditation, relaxation, passion, slow life, 
conviviality, roots...


The Blueside Project originated with Roberto Falocci's passion and initiative. 

Steroglass can boast unique unparalleled skilled hands able to finely process and shape glass and whose 
great craftmanship guarantees excellence, thus deserving a key role beyond conventional technical sectors. 
All this combined with love for design, music and cuisine, in 2009 resulted in a diversified production and 
commercial project dedicated to design complements to dining,living and jewel world, which take inspiration
from blues and jazz as well as conveying the emotions that inspires a musician on stage and the audience in an
atmospheric performance.

Blueside is all this: music shaped into objects you can touch and use, pure emotions close by.

Mastery and Craftmanship

Today hand glass blowing is an increasingly rare art; indeed it is an art of patience, fire, heat and precision.
However shaping glass is not so easy. Being one of the most perfect and complex materials, glass never betrays those who know and love it.

Shaping glass means tradition and requires expertise. Artistry and craftmanship, accurate and technical at the same time, resulted in the Blueside project. 

All of the objects in the collection are handcrafted one at a time. Each piece created by the expert hands of our glassblowers becomes unique,
resembling others but definitely different from all of them, and this allows us to create shapes that are often impossible to make using molds
or machinery, thus consecrating their high addes value.

Glass in the first place in all its shapes and sizes. Mainly 3.3 borosilicate glass: the purest and most neutral exitsting glass,
most resistant to thermal shocks, contaminant-free... a higher quality product. 


The name Blueside is about the “blue” side of life.
Why blue?

Because it represents the classic, nobility, modernity and vivacity, all at the same time.
Blue reflects the meaning of cleanness, because it is the color of water, and it also has an immediate connection with the sky,
the sea and the most immense and beautiful elements that nature has to offer us.
Blue makes us feel calm and safe; in a blue room, for example, our heart rate slows down. This color evokes peace and 
satisfaction on a psychological level, and tranquility on a physiological level. It also represents sensitivity and depth
of feeling, and it fosters energy, the experience of beauty, and meditation.

The color blue has signified all of this since ancient times.
Blue is also the term used for a musical form, the Blues, which is the root of jazz, rock, and all
contemporary music, which expresses the melancholy condition of African Americans but is highly charged with emotion, pathos and positive vibes.

All of this is blue.