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Sàl, coarse salt scented candle

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Sàl, coarse salt scented candle

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Design: Francesco Paretti

Nose: Silvia Babucci

Scented candles made of a mix of natural wax, pure cotton wick, vase in borosilicate glass.

The lid should never be used to extinguish the candle, but only to keep external agents from the wax.

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The wait, the guests are coming; an ephemeral scent, an ethereal moment.

You will open the silent glass doors, your footsteps deadened by the carpets, You will welcome into your corner-less, casket-like space.

The smell of food will be your guide, but your nostrils will not detect the range of notes of that particular ingredient which gives the food its flavour.  Completely different vibrations for a candle designed for the table: Marco Polo’s white gold. The footprint from a recent past, precious goods, currency of exchange. Rough, wild, bold. Sàl, 100% coarse salt.  

100% coarse salt Dating back to ancient times, coarse salt is an essential ingredient with its multiple qualities having been appreciated since then.

You immediately think of its characteristic of giving flavour to food.

Also salt gives taste to non-food concepts (e.g. salt of life).

Salt has hygienic and disinfectant properties, a precious good that was exchange currency in ancient Rome and "white gold" during Marco Polo’s time.

A candle designed for the table: the white gold of the table. Described as rough, wild and teasing. A must in the home, an unexpected variation, used by chefs thanks to its subtle and slightly iodized smell, it will astonish whoever comes for dinner.