Silvano, ravensare, eucalyptus, lavender home fragrance

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Silvano, ravensare, eucalyptus, lavender home fragrance

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Design: R&D Blueside

Steam distillation

250ml bottle

Home fragrances, 100% natural and essential-oil based.
The essential oil is the soul of the plant. Once its perfume has reached your nostrils, give it five seconds to act… you will sense a feeling of well-being, which means you have grasped its essence!

To be used with Desiderio spray diffusers

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SILVANO balsamic, purifies the environment  

home fragrance "I NATURALI"

Ravensara aromatica This essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant, and has a fresh balsamic scent. It is powerfully calming and relaxing, and imparts joy and vitality. Ravensara is one of the most powerful antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial oils in nature.  

Planet sign: Mars, Saturn

Base note 

Eucalyptus globulus The essential oil is extracted from leaves and small branches. Useful for those who lack self-esteem, eucalyptus awakens, breaks mental patterns, burns that which is not needed, and helps in facing difficulties. Fresh, balsamic and intense, it is the king of breathing: it purifies the air and opens up the lungs. It favours order, cools down excessively turbulent spirits, and refreshes ideas.

Planet sign: Saturn

Head note  

Lavandula angustifolia The precious essential oil is extracted from the flowering tops of the plant with an intense, fresh, floral scent. It rebalances and harmonizes the nervous system, is effective against insomnia, is soothing and gives a sense of protection. It opens you to tenderness and the values of the heart, and is refreshing when you are fatigued.  

Planet sign: Moon, Mercury

Heart note