Tazzezen, tea and coffee glass cups

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Tazzezen, tea and coffee glass cups

34,00 - 41,00(VAT Included)

Design: R&D Blueside


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Tazzezen, relaxing break

An espresso coffee, an american coffee, a cup of tea or a cappuccino will be more enjoyable if sipped from these striking cups.

Thanks to the dual chamber you do not risk burning yourself with hot beverages and at the same time the beverage stays hot longer.

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass

Dimensions dxh:
Tazzazen Caffè Espresso:  58x65mm
Tazzazen Cappuccino/ Tè: 75x80mm
Tazzazen Caffè Americano: 75x110mm

Suggested songs: Pink Floyd, Alan's psychedelic breakfast