Desiderio, spray glass diffuser

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Desiderio, spray glass diffuser

54,00 - 300,00(VAT Included)

Design: Francesco Paretti

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Desiderio, make your dream true

Spherical spray diffuser with vertical or coil glass dip tube reinterpreting the stunning 1920s. An interactive “spur-of-the-moment” spray scents the air.

Four versions: 100ml, 1 Lt, 3Lt e 10 Lt

Ideal with "I Naturali" scents of the Blueside collection.

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass  


Desiderio 100 ml (dxh):  30x101mm

Desiderio 1 Lt (dxh): 60x180 mm

Desiderio 3 Lt (dxh): 90x253 mm

Desiderio 10 Lt (dxh): 120x325 mm